Stacy is a Boudoir & Wedding Photographer shooting out of Niagara Falls, Ontario.

Although diving into photography during her high school years, she has only been shooting since 2019 after taking 10 years off to start her family.

As a digital photography college drop-out, Stacy is ready to test and sharpen her skills once again!

Some other things she enjoys shooting outside of her usual genres are food and menus, products, and any type of photojournalism.

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Week Eight - The Ripple Effect (eliminated)


Canada's Food Guide has been promoting healthy and balanced eating amongst Canadians since 1942. It is included in school curriculums, doctors have physical copies in their offices, and yet despite its large popularity CFG's dark history is still widely unacknowledged.

The dietary recommendations we have today evolved from non-consensual experiments conducted on starved Indigenous children in Canada's Residential Schools. Children were intentionally starved for up to 2 years prior to any testing to create a "baseline" for any studies. Extreme malnourishment was a widespread problem with children being fed less than half (to as low as a third) of their daily recommended calories. Oftentimes food was contaminated, smelling, and spoiled. The poor physical conditions and stunted growth of these Residential School children made them a perfect target for the Canadian Government's experiments. "It's really difficult to do those kinds of experiments because you need hungry people," said Mosby (A Historian speaking on the history of CFG)

The long-lasting effects of extreme malnourishment are still evident to this day amongst Canada's Indigenous communities. With all their generational and cultural skills like cooking stripped from them, Indigenous children often grew into adults who lacked the knowledge to feed themselves and their offspring properly. The physical side-effects of starvation, such as adulthood obesity and type 2 diabetes, are far greater for up to 3 generations following the Survivor.

Canada's Food Guide would not be what it is today if it weren't for the thousands of innocent Indigenous children who suffered at the expense of our Government. Nearly every Canadian citizen has learned about Canada's Food Guide, but how many know about the atrocities that formed it?

Not enough.


Week Seven - Exposure Self (second place)

A Hypocrite Boudoir Photographer No More (Can You See Me Now?)

Week Six - Sell Me a Story (SAFE)






As a #1 tourist attraction with over 8 million annual visitors, one can expect some seriously delicious and diverse food and beverage options at the various locally-owned businesses residing here in the Niagara Region. Although the endless sea of wineries and chain restaurants have much to offer, there is something special about the independent establishments that have pushed through the repeated CoVID19 lockdowns that made curb-side pickup and delivery the only options.

When a Region that is widely dependent on tourism shuts down, it is up to the locals to pick up the slack to keep the industry afloat, and Local residents have done just that. “We have been so busy with delivery orders,” says Danny, the owner of Danny’s Sushi. The community has created new Facebook groups dedicated to supporting the local dining industry since the rise of CoVID19, with some groups only allowing positive reviews.



Danny’s Sushi

Lock Street Brewery

Outside the Box Baking

Available Mon-Fri from 9am-4pm local time.

Week Five - Black & White (WINNER)


Many Canadians assume a woman can easily exercise her right to body autonomy regarding reproductive health, however, there are many barriers when it comes to accessing legal, safe abortions in this country. Canada’s anti-abortion law was deemed unconstitutional in 1988, and Section 7 of The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms should provide women across the country full and equal access to these services. However, there are jurisdictions that are anti-abortion/pro-life and are able to limit accessibility through lack of willing governing legislation.

Denying abortion or putting up barriers to the service perpetuates stigma, continuing prejudice and stereotyping experienced by women in relation to reproductive health. Disproportionately, younger women, BIPOC women, disabled women, single mothers, the LGBTQ community, and victims of domestic partner violence are disadvantaged by lack of access to safe termination and may have to resort to unsafe procedures endangering their life and safety.


Week Four - Scratching the Surface with Maya Ramsahoye (Bottom Three)


In 2020, 6.6 million Canadians reported using marijuana, yet only 4 years ago one could face fines, prison time, and even the apprehension of children prior to its legalization.

The misrepresentation that cannabis users are "delinquents" still lingers to this day, but especially for moms who are projected as being negligent, unmotivated, selfish, and lazy.

We live in a society where "WINE MOM" is plastered across clothing and is an acceptable way to destress, but marijuana moms like Trista still feel largely judged despite the various known benefits of THC and CBD.

Cannabis in Trista's household is a part of her family's everyday life. Her kids are clothed, fed, happy, loved, and each day she wakes up motivated to be the best mother she can be. Marijuana has been Trista's self-care in a time where self-care matters most. You won't find her stressing over who thinks she's the perfect!

We used household items keeping the budget to $0, including the homegrown marijuana!

Week Three - KISS with Curtis Jones (Keep it Simple, Shooters!)

(Bottom Three)


As my first time approaching minimalism, I was looking specifically for line, shape, and colour, much like how I do when shooting other genres.

I love how the snow mirrors the sky at this location, but also the contrast between the line coming from the soft curvature of the snow drifts against the hard, straight lines of the concrete. As the pop of complimentary colours and lines of different direction and thickness lead my eye around the frame, I see the simple clean beauty and feel the wintry cold stretches of white in a special stillness atop the city.

Week Two - Recreate a Renee Robyn (SAFE)

Week One - Spectrum with Two Mann Studios


The theme of my image is STRESS. I was inspired by Two Mann Studios' compositional use of a frame-within-a-frame and also by how they place their subjects at the very edges to create a sense of space. I wanted my subject to be in a very tight, uncomfortable box that gives off the impression he is being closed-in by his own mental weight. I used a cord as a leading line to connect where his brain would be to the jumbled clutter in the left corner. He is facing out of the frame to show his desperation to exit scene. I wanted the blue unrecognizable mess to feel distracting, overwhelming, and ugly to the viewer. If he can't get away from it, why should you?