My name is Shauna Davies. I am 39 years old, the mom to two teenage girls and the spouse of a patient (and lucky) husband! We have recently returned back to the Eastern Townships region of Quebec after spending close to 20 years in the Ottawa area. Both my husband and I are Veterans of the Canadian Armed Forces and now help out with a non-profit organisation that provides a holistic approach to long term management of PTSD in Veterans and First Responders through volunteerism.

Photography is a passion that has drifted in and out of my life over the years. I have always enjoyed capturing life's fleeting moments and it has been a meditative tool of sorts to help stay present and get through some more challenging times. The last few years especially have really highlighted for us as a family how finite our existence is on this magnificent rock as we have experienced births and deaths, both literally and metaphorically. I find myself more than ever just wanting to soak it all in and capture the beauty and the moments that surround us.

Although I still struggle with calling myself a photographer and placing myself in the same category as so many inspiring artists, I am so excited to challenge myself and to be a part of this amazing journey and experience!

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Week Ten - Passion Portfolio (Winner - 2022 Range Master)

She Is

My final Passion Portfolio is a celebration of women. As I embark on a journey of my own, slowly peeling back years and layers of self doubt and programming, I wanted to connect with others who are going through similar journeys of their own. I wanted to explore their vulnerabilities, their passions, and their fears. I wanted to build human connection and community in a world that is growing ever so distant. I wanted to celebrate our magic and our strength, our intuition and our grace as we learn the greatest love of all—unconditional love for ourselves and others. We are mothers, sisters, spouses and friends. We are creators. We are divine, we are wild, we are energy. Women are power and nurture, compassion and beauty and my hope was to capture some of this essence as we unapologetically return home.

She is "Inspiration Beyond Words"

Fighting for and protecting a son locked inside his own world but who is beautifully whole. She knows heaviness and sacrifice and joy and community. She embodies resilience and strength all mixed in with the most infectious laugh.

She is "Amazing Grace"

The mother of the moon. She is power, and beauty and hope. Her roots reach deep anchoring her strength as she prepares to bring forth life.

She is "A Mother’s Connection"

The comfort of her touch. The reassurance of her presence. Her hand held in mine as I see her with new light and realize that soon it will be my turn to protect her.

She is "Provoking The Divine"

She is sacred. She is compassion. She is unconditional love. She is imperfectly perfect. She is enough.

She is "Educating The Warrior"

She is the fuck you in the face of cancer as she brings awareness to its grip. She is learning that although she is scarred, she is still whole.

Week Eight - The Ripple Effect (third place)


It took me a long time to decide how I wanted to approach my shoot this week. How could I do justice to such an important topic.

Over the years I have learned about Residential Schools and the treatment of Indigenous people in this country but I have always read the information as facts. I never allowed myself to contemplate and sit with the emotion and the horror, likely out of guilt and shame and coming to terms with my own privilege.

This week I took the time to read their stories and to sit with the pain and the hopelessness and the anger and the despair. I imagined my own children being ripped from me and not knowing where they were or how they were being treated. I felt the terror and the pain and the confusion of thousands of little faces as their identity, their souls and often their lives were stripped from them. I confronted some of the biases I have held and the impact of intergenerational trauma and how I can be an ally as I challenge and work towards breaking down barriers that continue to violate Indigenous communities.

With my image I wanted to show the juxtaposition of what was and how it should have been. I imagined all those children sitting at a desk far from comfort and everything they knew. I imagined the forests and the land mourning and weeping their loss as she too was their mother. I imagined her holding them in her embrace. I imagined the ripple effect and what was taken from them. I imagined their spirits coming home.


Week Seven - Exposure Self (First Place)


Week Six - Sell Me a Story (SAFE)


Soul Magazine



February 13, 2022


More and more individuals, particularly teens, are now suffering in record numbers from the debilitating effects of anxiety and depression. As these numbers soar, many are turning to alternative and holistic methods to reconnect with themselves and mother earth as a means of healing. Once considered kooky or even reserved for witches and the like, crystal and stone lithotherapy treatments and sound vibrational healing through the use of singing bowls are now benefiting from scientific studies backing up their medicinal benefits. “These methods of healing have been around for thousands of years and have been lost in our modern times through stigma and traditional Western medicine. As we research and discover more about vibrational frequencies on brain waves and the power of earth’s minerals on our energy centres, we are rediscovering a world of natural healing and the power of our souls that is very promising for those suffering right now.”


Word Count = 151

ABOUT Rediscovering Natural Healing

Anita Vacay


Week Five - Black and White (SAFE)


We adorn ourselves in the exploits of planetary and human toil,

Never thinking twice about the cost of what we wear.

Victims played on both sides by adverts and Insta and self doubt and need as the machine continually rubs their hands in greed.

Influencers and brands churning out clothing more frequently than ever.

Promoting a life of want and waste, we consume such masses without a clue of how, what, where or who.

All is well, the mirror says.

Don’t think about the little hands that touched this thread.

The blood, the sweat, the tears, the lives. It’s easier to dehumanize.

We must change our ways for a future where all can survive.

A future that is set up for humanity to thrive,

Where our focus lies in sustainability over quantity.

But the question remains,

How uncomfortable are we willing to get to break the chains of inequality?


Week Four - Scratching the Surface with Maya Ramsahoye (Top Three)


I see you, my child. Exhausted from ripping off the masks they try so hard to suffocate you with. I see you, struggling to be the light you were brought here to be, even if you shine alone. Like a moth to a flame, those fighting to belong just like you, will one day be comforted by your truth and together you will step into the unknown. I see you, my child. Starting to recognize the traps they so desperately set with the hopes of eating you alive, all while still doubting your worth. My wish for you, be wild, be free, be whatever it is you need to be. You always have, and will always be, more than enough to me.

Week Three - KISS with Curtis Jones (Keep it Simple, Shooters!) (Top Three)


Sanctuary. A place of refuge or rest. A place where you can feel at peace protected from danger or a difficult situation. In today’s reality, as weary souls battle with the uncertainty of the future and ups and downs and open and closed, finding sanctuary and that slice of peace and solitude is more important than ever. For some, that might be a good book, a long walk, or a hot bath. For others, it might be listening to your children giggle, movie night in with the dog, or leaning into the comfort of a warm embrace. Then there are people who find sanctuary huddled in a little pup tent on frozen water as the wind violently whips snow around and those capturing that moment of absolute simplicity and peace really, really wishing they hadn’t forgotten their gloves at home!

Week Three - Recreate a Renee Robyn (SAFE)

I didn't have access to a human model this week and after a few moments of sheer panic, I took a deep breath, looked around the house and my eyes settled upon Slothy who I thought might just do the trick. This week was a learning experience for both of us and I truly hope I did right by Renee's gorgeous photo.

Week One - Spectrum (SAFE)

"Calm Before the Storm

When I think of calm, I immediately go to water. That is my happy place and the place where I feel most at home and at peace. I wanted this picture to have an almost ethereal feel that really emphasized the sensation of calm/serenity and complete mindfulness. My image fits into our team's theme as it contains the colour light blue with a hint of complimentary orange which is at the lower end of the blue spectrum as well as representing calm which was first in line on our mood spectrum.