My name is Matt Ferguson, I am a dad, husband, photographer, gardener and aspiring professional rock skipper, living in Kelowna, BC.

When not at work or doing dad things, I can usually be found with a camera in-hand, shooting a variety of genres. My true photographic love is shooting seascapes but since I am a 4.5hr drive from the ocean, I generally stick to lifestyle and portrait shoots these days.

Thanks for having me; stoked to learn from the other participants and the judges :)

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Week Five - Black and White (submission for critique)


For some religion is a lifestyle, their day to day life is serving and worshiping, for others it is not. Matt and I are familiar with Christian holidays, and we chose Christmas to demonstrate what we observe in celebrating such holidays.

Religious holidays are celebrated by those who follow and worship, and by those who do not. Christmas is one such holiday that the religious sector and secular sector both celebrate.

The secular population may or may not have religious content in their celebrations. They celebrate the season. They partake in gathering and consumerism, but they do not base their celebration on the birth of Christ.

The Christian population follows the birth of Christ, his life story, and his life ever after. They reflect on the story and the miracle of His birth and they also partake in gathering and consumerism.


Week Four - Scratching the Surface with Maya Ramsahoye (eliminated)


You dress like a man, you sit like a man, you work a man’s job, if you want to be taken seriously in your transition to being a trans man, cut your hair. I asked Ash to provide me with a few stereotypes he faces the most often and I was surprised to hear that cutting his hair to look like a man has been the most consistent, hearing it from people in all walks of his life. Ash has had a lifetime of self-doubt and a lack of confidence but his hair has always been a source of pride.

I had a few shots in mind, some were fairly technical, using mirrors and multiple lights but after spending the first 45 minutes talking and getting to know each other, the idea just set in; take a photo of Ash, content, happy and proud of that beautiful head of hair.

As I had a more elaborate shoot in mind, I made sure to reach out early to borrow some props. An interesting chair, a full sized mirror and a spotlight. I was able to get access to a Covid-safe area at my work office, so no studio rental was needed. Ash also did his own hair so we could avoid any cost there.

Week Three - KISS with Curtis Jones (Keep it Simple, Shooters!)

(Top Three)


A slide is based on a pretty simple concept: climb, sit, descend. As we grow, it just becomes too simple, so we move past the slide and find other ways to thrill ourselves by climbing higher and leaping farther. Kids are wired differently; my girls go on the same slide repeatedly and are just as happy each time. I often find myself asking them why they keep going on the same piece of playground equipment and each time they reply “because it’s fun!”.

Minimalistic photography is a genre I love to look at, but one that has eluded me since I first picked up a camera - always looking for a great sunset or something with detail galore. I can’t imagine how many great images I have missed thinking the subject is too simple. Once again, my kids taught me a lesson: look for the little joys and shoot them.

Week Two - Recreate a Renee Robyn (SAFE)

Renee's shots are lit well, posed well and composited masterfully, but I think what sets her apart is her ability to tell a story and portray a mood. Our first shoot Wednesday, was lit and posed well, but after review, missed all the feeling. We reshot Friday and I think we got closer to the feel I was hoping for.

Week One - Spectrum (SAFE)


I don't think happiness comes in a truer form than a kid having fun; especially when they are allowed to jump on the bed! While it might not be summer, we can still take advantage of blue-bird skies and warm rays of light hitting our windows.