My name is Johanna. I am a pretty OK wife, mother to 2 awesome little dudes, a very part-time vacation consultant, an excessively full-time junior high Language Arts teacher, and as much as I can possibly fit it into all of that; a photographer.

Full disclosure: I love puns and cheesy dad jokes. I think Daniel Craig is the best Bond, but really he's the only Bond I've ever actually watched. My favourite activities include: traveling (road trips, camping or luxury cruises-anything and anywhere), staying up all night for no good reason just to complain how tired I am the next day, and taking my kids places to create memories.

I do not like bananas or housework.

I can't wait to be part of this and look forward to stressing out over the deadlines and pushing myself to creatively!

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Week Seven - Exposure Self (eliminated)


Week Six - Sell Me a Story (Bottom Three)


The Balm Dot Com


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February 13, 2022


If there are two things that Autumn Maronuik is passionate about, it’s soft skin, and helping people. The founder of The Balm Dot Calm has used her popular line of natural skin care products as a platform to bring awareness and raise money for local charities such as Little Warriors (Child Sexual Abuse Treatment and Education) and Youth Empowerment and Support Services (YESS). In the spring of 2021, she began creating custom Every Child Matters labels for her popular lip balm and donated profits to support organizations such as Treaty 6 Outreach and Winds of Change Indigenous Alliance. According to Maronuik, “as these tragedies started coming into light, we wanted to help raise awareness of the Every Child Matters campaign and offer our support to organizations working with indigenous people in Edmonton and Kamloops. Just hoping to play a small part in moving towards reconciliation.”


Word Count = 145

ABOUT The Balm Dot Calm

Autumn Maronuik


Week Five - Black and White (SAFE)


Few issues divide urban and rural Canada more than guns. In cities and suburban areas, polls have shown for years that there’s strong support for tighter restrictions. Horrific crimes like 2020's shooting and arson spree in Nova Scotia increase that sentiment and we all have a role to play in keeping our communities safe.

However, in many rural areas and Indigenous communities, guns are a part of everyday life and are used by responsible gun owners. Many people living in remote communities require firearms to continue a traditional harvesting lifestyle as fresh food is often limited and expensive, and may cost as much as three times the Canadian average.

Education to prevent gun violence is crucial and can take many forms, including promotion of safe storage to reduce access to firearms by children, youth, and other unauthorized persons and teaching safe behaviour around firearms to prevent or reduce youth violence.


Week Four - Scratching the Surface (Top Three)


Max is a third degree blackbelt. A college graduate. An entrepreneur. An advocate for people with disabilities in provincial politics. Max was diagnosed with Autism when he was just 18 months old. A doctor told his parents that they should be prepared for Max to spend most of his life in an institution. Max faced discrimination and even bullying by some of his instructors at college and used his voice to stand up for himself. This led to Max’s decision to be an advocate for people with disabilities who may not be able to use their voice; to demand access to safe post secondary education, employment opportunities, and affordable housing.

In speaking with Max, it was decided that we would use his background in Karate to metaphorically “smash” the stereotypes and judgements people have placed on Max throughout his life. Max requested the image be black and white. To keep to our $0 budget, we had Max wear his own gi (uniform), we used a local dojo generously offered by family friends who also provided the wood boards smashed in the scene.

Week Three - KISS with Curtis Jones (Keep it Simple, Shooters!)

(Bottom Three)


My eyes are always drawn to seek out reflections of things. I sometimes think this is because a reflection can be a beautifully imperfect representation of reality. I love the way traffic lights bounce with a ripple effect off of wet asphalt at night or the blue sky reflected in dirty puddles after a summer thundershower. In my photography work, I often gravitate towards including reflections in my photos when it suits the subject. In this challenge, I sought out opportunities to explore balance, line and symmetry. Naturally, I gravitated towards this spot where a mirror image could be explored.

Week Two - Recreate a Renee Robyn (Bottom Three)

Jumping. As someone who normally edits in Lightroom only, I really wanted to push myself outside my comfort zone and attempt a composite to recreate one of Renee's images. I manipulated a photo from a trip to the East coast I took in the fall, added cloud overlays and some additional texture to try and recreate the moodiness of Renee's image. I took photos of a model using a mag-grid on my flash off camera to the model's left from above at approximately 45 degrees, and added some fill light to the dress. This was a lot of fun (and even more frustration) adding the images together!

Week One - Spectrum (SAFE)

"Family Fun Night"

Red represents love, passion, anger and dominance. Nothing evokes all four of these emotions at once like a family games night. I felt it was vital to show the board being flipped and the pieces flying everywhere to really make it feel like home. Our team's goal was to use an object in our home to show an emotion. Monopoly has been generating family drama for decades, and can be found in most homes, fitting into our theme perfectly!