I am a wildlife and landscape photographer living in Creemore, Ontario. Although I’ve always enjoyed photography, retirement has provided me with much more time to pursue my passion. I like spending time outdoors photographing the natural beauty just beyond my back door. For me, photography is an escape from the stresses of every day and allows me to be in the countryside seeing, smelling, hearing, and ultimately recording images of our wonderful world. My goal is to record images that evoke strong positive emotions from the viewer.

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Week Three - KISS with Curtis Jones (Keep it Simple, Shooters!)


Although Dennis was eliminated in Week One, he wanted to shoot this Match Brief and here is what he presented.

I have concentrated all my efforts on being a nature photographer. This passion allows me to become emotionally attached to our changing environment. My images are generated in hopes to give nature a voice in local conservation stories that will champion their cause for existence with mankind.

Week One - Spectrum (Eliminated)

"Road to Chaos"

My image of frost on a window reminded me of flying into big cities. Looking out the window at all the streets, sub divisions, lakes and parks at 37,000 feet feels like chaos has engulfed our blue planet.