Resident Rangers for Season Two

(in alphabetical order by first name)

Ashley (she/her)

Co-Creator and Queen of Cookies

Ashley (she/her) is one of the original co-creators of The Shooting Range, but has stepped back from TSR to focus on other priorities like her family, photography, and foodie obsession. She isn't around much these days, but still cheers on from the sidelines. Hopefully she will help the rest of us suckers out through the busiest part of the competition by providing us with delicious and extraordinarily pretty cookies.

Bill (he/him)

Ambassador - Outreach & Liaison

Bill is his wife Hope's silent partner and more organised half. When he's not hauling furniture, wrangling kids, and shooting details with Hope, he can be found watching skateboarding videos, playing with bikes, and adulting around the house.

Bill has joined Season Two to keep Hope focussed. His "official" role as a TSR Ambassador will see him liaising with online groups as well as working closely with the TikTok Crew to prove that old dogs can learn new tricks.

Billie (she/her)

Co-Creator and Queen of Creativity

Billie is one of the co-creators of this competition. When she's not connecting with people, or connecting people with other people, she is a dedicated to her family, Questions of the Day, and Star Trek. In her profile picture, she wants you to know she's laughing with and not at you.

What is your favourite food, snack or restaurant?

Wor Wonton Soup and Steamed Rice. Super boring but so delicious...

What is your favourite saying or quote?

“I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” ~ Maya Angelou

What TV or reality show closely resembles you and your family?

Can I say Star Trek? No....... Okay I'll say Final Space, cause we are all a little weird and it's the only thing my kids will sit down and watch as a family.

What is your bucket list vacation trip?

Ireland - I have so many ideas for creative shoot ideas just for that country.

If you could volunteer anywhere for one month, where would it be and why?

I would go to Thailand and volunteer to care for abused and injured elephants. I've always loved elephants for along as I can remember, they are a very family oriented animal and I love that.

Corry-lyn (she/her)

Ambassador - Development and Procurement

Corry-lyn was TSR's Season One winner. For as much as she will admit that some weeks the Challenges drove her to the edge, she has forgiven the creators enough to join Season Two as one of its Ambassadors.

What is your favourite food, snack or restaurant?

I can’t narrow down a Favorite…..Sushi, Indian, authentic Mexican!

What is your favourite saying or quote?

“Be amazing.”
“In a world where you can be anything, be kind and be YOU! “

What TV or reality show closely resembles you and your family?

Family Ties. Just your usual everyday drama with teens sprinkled with lots of humour!!

What is your bucket list vacation trip?


If you could volunteer anywhere for one month, where would it be and why?

NICU as a baby snuggler

Hope (she/her)

Co-Creator and Queen of Chaos

Hope is a passionate, potty-mouthed commuter cyclist, photographer, creative writer, sewing addict, travel wh*re, student, teacher/mentor, EDI educator, tiny house enthusiast, social activist, safety coordinator, research administrator, sh*t disturber, and magpie who was (re)diagnosed with the the ADD part of ADHD at the age of 47.

Hope is currently on a prolonged (semi-hiatus) from shooting so that she can obtain her undergraduate degree before at least one of her four adult children. She recently added "award winning author" to her bio, but still isn't not convinced it wasn't just a cruel joke. She is grateful that her husband Bill is organised and calm enough for both of them, and really appreciates when he reminds her she's not a complete f*ck up.

Laura (she/her)

Ambassador - TikTok Visionary

Laura is a Creative Professional and Life Adventurist who is in love will anything and everything that inspires people. In recent years she has turned her to focus towards her family, writing, and mastery of her skills as professional make-up artist. While she doesn't spend as much time behind the camera as she used to, she hasn't stopped filling her boots with soul-centred creative pursuits. She has a couple of (amazing!) projects waiting in the wings, so TSR is glad she has agreed to lend a bit of her vision and spend a bit of time helping us figure out TikTok for Season Two.

Mylo (she/her)

Ambassador - TikTok Consultant

Currently in 10th grade, Mylo is TSR's youngest resident expert. By the age of 12, she had mastered duping unsuspecting family members into starring in her TikTok vids and should be an inspiration to anyone who needs a reminder that there's something to learn from everyone, regardless of age.

Mylo is proud of her Indigenous heritage and aspires to enter the world of Anthropology or Elementary Education (maybe?), but right now is focussed on maintaining her grades, walking her dog Morris, and being a good friend and sister. And playing on TikTok.

Rayne-Anne (she/her)

Ambassador Extraordinaire, Instagram-centric

Rayne-Anne surprised everyone in Season One by not only qualifying with but making it through half the competition shooting with just her phone! TSR is delighted that she has chosen to join us as one of our Ambassadors for Season Two. When she's not homeschooling her gaggle off gorgeous kids and participating in worship, you can find her watching her income from creative pursuits grow organically while making sure our Instagram stuff is up to snuff.

Shellene (she/her)

Ambassador - Media & Outreach Liaison

Best-selling author Shellene rounds out the trio of Season One TSR survivors champions currently working on making Season Two a bigger, better, badder version of itself. When she's not being reassigned to "other duties as assigned" because there's a pandemic in progress, you will find her happily out and about shooting her kids and looking forward to fully easing back into a career that doesn't require stuffing things up peoples' noses.