Competition FAQs

Panel & Guest Judges and Qualifying Challengers are provided with a detailed Handbook that further explains the Rules & Regulations, but here are some quick, short answers to the most common questions. If you have concerns that aren't addressed here, rather than being a keyboard warrior and trolling us on Social Media, we invite you to contact and we will happily set up a time to speak in person and/or expand this FAQ page. You can also watch the Challenger Ask Us Anything recorded December 8th, 2021 for more details.

Q. Do Challengers retain copyright of their Portfolio images?

A. Yes. The images you submit in your portfolio are used by the selection committee to select Challengers. Portfolio submissions are not published or shared anywhere without your express written consent, and will be deleted once final validation of the Competition is completed on or about March 30, 2022.

Q. Do I retain copyright of the images I submit during the competition?

A. Yes. Obviously, for practical reasons, Photographers must grant TSR permission to share images and/or digital media submitted during the competition for all legal competition-related purposes. Likewise, for practical reasons, over the course of the competition TSR imposes restrictions on when and where images and/or digital media may be shared prior to Judging. Regardless of when and how the images you create for the competition are shared, you continue to receive credit and retain copyright at all times.

Q. How do I pay my Fees?

A. Please follow the instructions on the entry form! If you are having difficulty, please send us an email and we will help you out.

Q. What happens to the Fees I pay?

A. Upon receipt, all fees collected are deposited into a High-Interest Savings Account which, after TSR's operating expenses are paid, are released in full to the Winner (with interest).

Q. What expenses do you have?

A. We have minimal expenses, including but not limited to our business license, domain, a modest advertising budget, postage, courier, and bank fees, and a paid Zoom account. In order to counter the impact operating expenses have on the value of the Cash Payout, TSR works its butt off to obtain Other Prizes.

Q. Where do the Other Prizes come from?

A. TSR Organisers, Ambassadors, and Judges may provide or partner with organisations in our own networks to secure additional goodies such as gift cards, photography-related products and services, discount codes, swag, and whatever else we happen to dig up over the course of the competition.

Q. What do the Organisers, Ambassadors, and Judges get paid?

A. Warm Fuzzies. The Organisers, Ambassadors, and Judges generously contribute their time, passion, and expertise because they understand and support the spirit and purpose of The Shooting Range: A Photography Challenge. And because hanging out on Wednesday nights to record the Zoom is FUN.

Q. What is the spirit and purpose of The Shooting Range?

A. TSR's goal is to have a metric boatload of fun while promoting the excellence of Canadian Photographic Arts through creative and meaningful networking.

The competition celebrates some of Canada's most beloved and renowned Photographers, whose expertise and guidance will showcase the growth and skill of competing photographers to see who can successfully conquer each of the Match Briefs and emerge as the next Range Master. Everyone wins.

Q. What are "Match Briefs"?

A. "Match Briefs" are the weekly Challenges. The Briefs include details about what the subject or theme of the Challenge is, who the Guest Judge will be, and what the Judges are going to be looking for when they provide scores and critiques.

Q. How much money should I expect to spend on each Match Brief?

A. Match Briefs are intentionally designed to require an investment of time only. Challengers should focus on being industrious by using locations, models, and materials locally and readily available to themselves.

Challengers will not be reimbursed for any and all out-of-pocket expenses associated with their participation in The Shooting Range: A Photography Challenge.

Q. How much time should I expect to spend each week?

A. Match Briefs are designed to be technically and creatively challenging while addressing an issue or focus specific to the Guest Judge's area of expertise, so Challengers should expect anywhere from 2 - 8 hours per week to research, plan, shoot, and edit their images.

Previous Challengers have reported that researching and conceptualising their idea often takes more time than actually shooting, editing, and submitting the final image.