Happy National Indigenous Peoples' Day, fellow inhabitants of Turtle Island!

June 21, 2022

First off, we hope everyone takes a few moments today to teach themselves a new or interesting fact about Indigenous Culture or History today, and share it on Social Media !

Second, we have some sad news. Due to circumstances beyond our control, we have had to push back the start of the Monthly 50/50 Challenges for a few months. Fear not - they will return - but we made this difficult decision in order to focus our attention on other pressing matters associated with the
Rare Earth Foundation.

That doesn't mean there aren't still fun things happening out there on our Facebook and Instagram pages! We have several FREE things going on every week, like scavenger hunts, the cover photo contest, and (of course!) Weird and Random Wednesdays, during which we ask you to drop what you're doing and share a photo of something completely ridiculous!

Stay tuned, folks!!!

The Shooting Range: A Photography Challenge is Canada-wide online volunteer-driven competition based out of Edmonton, Alberta.

Between January and March of each year, the current Season's 12 Qualifying Challengers will tackle a series of increasingly-difficult weekly Match Briefs that test the range of their technical skills and creativity by connecting with inspiring Canadian mentors, engaging in their own communities, and learning about Equity, Diversity, and Inclusivity as they race towards cash, prizes, and the title of Range Master.

In addition to its regular season, The Shooting Range has FREE monthly mini-challenges on its social media platforms as well as 50/50-style Monthly Match Briefs starting in Fall of 2022.

Older Posts

June 1, 2022

It's here!!! The Shooting Range is pleased to announce its first Monthly 50/50 Challenge, where shooters win half of all entry fees collected!!! The other half goes to support Rare Earth Foundation programs such as Scholarships, Awards, and Community Outreach. The more people that enter, the bigger the prize pot, so get on out there, share this competition in your groups and on social media, and enter to win today!

The contest closes at noon on June 25, 2022. You can find the Match Brief for Guest Judge Mag Hood
HERE, and be sure to join us over on Facebook for some fun activities and games in recognition of June being both Pride Month and Indigenous History Month.

May 23, 2022

The Shooting Range: A Photography Challenge is excited to announce that starting June 1, 2022 we will begin running The Shooting Range: A Monthly Challenge, where the Top Three Challengers will receive feedback from amazing Guest Judges and the person crowned the Monthly Winner will take home 50% of all entry fees!

What happens to the other 50% of the entry fees? Well, after two years of plotting and planning, the co-creators of TSR have finally managed to incorporate a not-for-profit dedicated to education, awareness, and programming addressing Equity, Diversity, and inclusivity in the Photographic Arts Community. Watch for complete details June 1, 2022.

The Shooting Range: A Photography Challenge Season Two anthology on sale now!

We are thrilled to have copies of The Shooting Range: A Photography Challenge's Season Two anthology available for purchase now! This beautiful full-colour magazine is a collection of all the images created by our incredible Season Two Challengers along with details about TSR's EDI philosophy.

Proceeds from the sale of this gorgeous commemorative publication will support our goal of planning for Season Three which includes establishing a not-for-profit organisation in order to expand outreach and community programming later this year.

Celebrate Season Two with us. What are you waiting for? Grab your copy today!

Week Ten Grand Finale: Passion Portfolio with Benjamin Von Wong

March 17, 2022

Our final Guest Judge Benjamin Von Wong joined us in the evening of March 16, 2022 us next week to help name the Season Two Range Master. The winner will receive this

Prize Pot

  • An album valued at over $500CAD from Dekora

  • A 3-session online holistic coaching package with Talitha Haight of Healthy Balance valued at $180

  • A 3-month Pro account with Sprout Studios

  • Tuition to Two Mann U valued at $3300USD ($4100CAD)

  • A donation of $250 made on their behalf to the charity of their choice

  • and $1500 CASH

Runners-up will receive swag also generously provided by Spout Studios.

Each challenger was asked to nominate the charity they wished to support should they win. Please consider checking out these organisations and supporting them yourselves. Alphabetically by Challenger first name...

Please Support

Martha - Tearmann House

Tearmann House is a small, first stage emergency shelter in Central Nova Scotia for women and their children to escape intimate partner abuse. The House offers access to critical supports and resources to gain the confidence and skills to move forward independently. "Like so many rural areas across Canada, services for women are limited and face funding challenges constantly. I have organized ‘Shoebox Projects’ to gather supplies for homeless and under-housed women, and a donation to Tearmann House would be a wonderful way to get supplies into the hands of women when they need it most." ~ Martha

Nicky Lynn - NWT SPCA

"I chose the NWT SPCA because our furry friends who have no voice of their own need all the assistance they can get from us humans to make sure they are cared for and loved. Animals from all around the Northwest Territories that are mistreated, abused or who just need that furever home, get sent to the NWT SPCA in Yellowknife, who then takes care of their health and well-being and connects them with humans from all over Canada. The NWT SPCA is the only animal shelter in the Northwest Territories and is a non-profit, charitable, volunteer Board-ran organization who relies on donations to be able to keep the animals warm, safe and healthy until they find them that furever home." ~Nicky Lynn

Shauna - Camp Garagona

Camp Garagona in Quebec is a community-based organization and charity that provides summer/day camp and a full range of bilingual social and recreational services for children and adults living with Intellectual Disabilities and/ or Autism Spectrum Disorder. "I have chosen this organization as it is in my local area and Sheila and Angus, who are featured in my final portfolio, benefit greatly from this facility and its services. Camp Garagona’s philosophy is to encourage campers to find their own strengths and interests and build upon them developing independence, confidence, life skills and friendship while providing much needed support and respite care to families." ~Shauna

Watch next week for the link to purchase The Shooting Range: Season Two Anthology!!!


Without further ado, please join us in congratulating Shauna for claiming the title of Season Two Range Master with her portfolio entitled, "She Is." The Judges felt that Shauna's portfolio was cohesive, personal, relatable, and poignant, and after weeks of gruelling work, TSR is thrilled to see her claim this hard-earned title.

And because we are never actually sure what twists and turns are in store, we are extremely excited to announce that we have a TIE for runner-up!!! Both Martha and Nicky Lynn (alphabetically) impressed the judges so much that they will walk away from Season Two sharing a title (and a little swag from Sprout Studios.) Congratulations to you both!

Go find us on YouTube this Friday at 5pm MST to hear what our AMAZING Panel Judges and uber-cool Guest Judge Benjamin Von Wong.

Week Nine: Forever Young (Flip the Script Week)

March 10, 2022

Tradition has it... (yes, it's only Season Two, and script flipping is a tradition already - deal with it....)

Where were we?

Oh, right... Tradition...


Tradition has it that while TSR Finalists are given an extra week to envision, create, shoot, edit, and submit their portfolio, they are also given the opportunity to step into the role of Admin (to develop a Match Brief) and Judge (to see what it's like on the other side of the virtual podium.)

This week, while the Shooters were dreaming and scheming about how to impress Season Two's final Guest Judge Benjamin Von Wong, Admin, Panel and Guest Judges were invited to submit an image for "Forever Young" which demanded a "maximalist" approach. Making busy sexy, we received submissions from all three Resident Range Masters (Maggie, Spencer, and Ronald) as well as two of Season One's Top Three Challengers, Shellene and Rayne-Anne.

The prize on the line? The honour of housing and entertaining TSR creators Billie and Hope when they embark on a cross-Canada tour to visit all of Season Two's Challengers.

Billie and Hope have procured: a spare bedroom in the basement and visits with a pumpkin cat who likes tractors from Shellene, a bunk plus nighttime tour of the swamps and milky way just north of Toronto from Spencer, ten-man tenting, tubing, and trekking near Whitecourt, AB with Rayne Anne, a TMNT-themed weekend including sleeping in sewers and eating pizza with an old rat from Ronald, and a guaranteed mosquito-free tour of local Fundy sights and sounds from Maggie, because Hope forced Maggie and Billie to agree that no one but her is allowed to wear insect repellent. (Ask Hope about fire ants, deportation, long-drop hanging, and trespassing in places that pop up when you plan your trips by Google-ing "haunted" ~wherever you're travelling~ sometime if you'd like the full herstory...)

Congratulations, Maggie, for capturing the very crooked and oxidised crown associated with your SUPER-cool winning composite of you and your childhood memories in your composite image titled "A Compilation of My Past." The Challengers-turned-Judges loved playing "let's zoom in!" and felt that her image not only hit the Brief, but told an important and personal story.

Because TSR believes no one should go home empty-handed... Admin Hope has a houseful of WEIRD things, and she is sending a special package to Mag Hood. Tune in next week to find out what brand of random has made it's way from the YEG to the Yeets Coast...

Go find us on YouTube this Friday at 5pm MST to hear what the Challengers had to say about the Judge and Admin images, and join us next week for the Finalists' Passion Portfolio with Guest Judge Benjamin Von Wong.

Hey! Did you know that as Family, Friend, or Fan of The Shooting Range: A Photography Challenge you can get 20% off your first month or first year at Sprout Studio? And the first three weeks are FREE! What are you waiting for? Click on that coupon and go check it out!

The Shooting Range: A Photography Challenge is Canada-wide online competition based out of Edmonton, Alberta. Between January and March of 2022, Season Two's 12 Qualifying Challengers will tackle a series of increasingly-difficult weekly Match Briefs that will test the range of their technical skills and creativity by connecting with inspiring Canadian mentors, engaging in their own communities, and learning about themselves as they race towards cash, prizes, and the title of Season Two Range Master.

The Shooting Range: A Photography Challenge is a YEG-based event, and as such we wish to acknowledge that Edmonton is located on Treaty 6 Territory, a traditional meeting ground, gathering place, and land passage for for the the Nêhiyawak (Cree), Anishinaabe (Saulteaux), Niitsitapi (Blackfoot), Métis, Dene, and Nakota Sioux. Their footsteps have marked these lands for generations and we are grateful for the traditional Knowledge Keepers and Elders who have gone before us and are still with us today. Our recognition of this land is an act of reconciliation and an expression of our gratitude to those whose territory we reside on or are visiting.

The Shooting Range: A Photography Challenge is Canada-wide online competition based out of Edmonton, Alberta. Between January and March of 2022, Season Two's 12 Qualifying Challengers will tackle a series of increasingly-difficult weekly Match Briefs that will test the range of their technical skills and creativity by connecting with inspiring Canadian mentors, engaging in their own communities, and learning about themselves as they race towards cash, prizes, and the title of Season Two Range Master.

March 3, 2022

rip·ple ef·fect

/ˈripəl əˌfekt/ (noun)

"the continuing and spreading results of an event or action"

Please note that this week's content comes with a Trigger Warning and a reminder to practice self-care if you find yourself emotionally or psychologically triggered.


Despite what Canadians were led to believe about its Government's and Religion's treatment of Indigenous, First Nation, and Inuit people when Europeans colonists decided to steal this land, we are only now beginning to receive full disclosure of the depth, breadth, and scope of atrocities inflicted on this country's original inhabitants in the ruthless pursuit of land and resources.

The ripple effect of these actions affect generations of Canadians from whom the truth has been obscured, leading to feelings of hostility, misunderstanding, and confusion. Indigenous, First Nation, and Inuit people struggle with the intergenerational trauma of having their families ripped apart, their bodies used for medical experiments without consent, their culture and language annihilated, their bodies abused, and their land stolen. Many white Canadians, the vast majority of whom are descendants of European settlers and immigrants and refugees struggle on one hand how it is possible to learn and be part of a positive change, while others fail (or refuse) to see how or why any of this is their problem.

The Match Brief for Week Eight saw the Challengers researching subject matter of their own choosing that pertained to the Indigenous, First Nations, or Inuit people in Canada, and spending some time reflecting and then shedding light on how the subject matter has impacted or continues to impact, the journey towards Truth and Reconciliation for their family, their friends, and themselves, leading this week's submissions to span topics that touch on spirituality, tradition, culture, politics, science, research, and education.

TSR's goal with this week's Match Brief was to create an opportunity for Challengers, Judges, and Fans to be part of a positive ripple effect, one in which guilt and shame hold no power, only the path to healing, a tenet that Guest Judge Jessica Vandenberghe holds central in her extensive professional work in Equity, Diversity and Inclusivity, and to her personal life as a Sixties Scoop survivor. We invite visitors to the website to spend some time in reflection on the topics covered by the Shooters this week, share their own stories, concerns, and feelings, choose learning, compassion, and self-awareness, and open their hearts to the possibility of creating a better future.

Prize Recipient

Congratulations to Week Eight's Winner Nickly Lynn, who for the first time in TSR history earned a First Place from the Guest and all Panel Judges. Four organisations were suggested as the recipient of this week's prize: a $100 donation in the name of the winner to one of the following four organisations below suggested by Guest Judge Jessica. Nicky Lynn has elected to support the Native Woman's Association of Canada.

We urge everyone to keep the ripple effect going this week, and consider supporting an Indigenous, First Nation or Inuit organisation that speaks to your own heart. Financial support is always appreciated, but the the gift of your time if you are able to volunteer, and by you sharing your personal reflections and stories and promoting these organisations, we can keep the ripple going in the right direction.

Native Woman's Association of Canada


Bear Clan Patrol

Canadian Native Friendship Centre



Nicky Lynn (winner)

"They just took us"

I'll never forget feeling the emotion behind those words when spoken to me by my Mother in Law. We had such a truly meaningful day together, which I will cherish forever. We spent the entire Saturday afternoon connecting with each other by sitting at her kitchen table, sipping tea and sifting through her old photographs. With each image we came across, I heard a story of her past. Some were beautiful, wonderful memories of a time embraced that brought a big smile and an uncontrolled laugh to the surface. Some were more solemn and quiet, met with a disheartening frown. Born and raised in a small isolated Dene community with long harsh winters and equally long, never ending summer days, life was hard.

The stories you've heard are real. And now, many Indigenous people just like her find themselves down a long, difficult, continuous path of healing. "It never ends," she says. "It doesn't just go away."

"Healing" is a term widely used but perhaps not well understood. While most people are aware of the significant health and social disparities between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people, what is also important is the context in which these inequities occur; the way social, historical, political and economic factors have shaped and continue to shape Indigenous peoples’ health and well-being. How we understand these issues, is critical to any action we take.

But what can we do? We can take responsibility for our own learning. We can take action to make change. We can speak out against racism. We can take time for self-reflection. We can commit to lifelong learning. We can listen. We can acknowledge. We can connect with one another.


Martha (second place)

Teyah Maloney lives minutes away from the site of the residential school her great-grandmother was forced to attend as a child at age four until her sixteenth year when she ‘aged out’ of the system. Miraculously, her great-grandmother retained her language and spoke fluent Mi’kmaq her whole life.The Shubenacadie Residential School as it was called sat imposingly on a hill overlooking the river in Sipekni’katik, Mi’kma’ki; a hellish home to First Nations children from Atlantic Canada. Run by the Archdiocese of Halifax, it was typical of the other residential schools across Canada, inflicting lifelong multigenerational trauma on young souls who attended in the name of assimilation and ‘taking the Indian out of the child’.

Teyah was asked how she felt about the history of the residential schools “They were horrible and they tortured the Mi’kmaq people. Many lost their language, their culture, their long hair. They lost everything.” Miraculously, her great-grandmother retained her language and spoke fluent Mi’kmaq her whole life. Teyah wishes she had learned to speak Mi’kmaq- no doubt she will.

Teyah and her brother, Tate, are grounded in the traditions of their ancestors through the activism of her father, Brandon, and support of their mother, Nikki. Brandon is the grandson of Chief Reg Maloney and is currently a councillor at Sipekne’katik First Nation. He has been instrumental in the reclamation of a moderate living fishery for the Mi’kmaq people as guaranteed in the Treaty of 1752. Ever aware of the past, Brandon and his family flourish in spite of the atrocities inflicted on their ancestors by settlers. “We are very aware of ‘the ripple effect. Overcoming the effects of the residential school is what formed us into the huge rights activists and resilient warriors we are.”

Wela’lin, Teyah, for sitting for this portrait.







Shauna (third place)

It took me a long time to decide how I wanted to approach my shoot this week. How could I do justice to such an important topic. Over the years I have learned about Residential Schools and the treatment of Indigenous people in this country but I have always read the information as facts. I never allowed myself to contemplate and sit with the emotion and the horror, likely out of guilt and shame and coming to terms with my own privilege. This week I took the time to read their stories and to sit with the pain and the hopelessness and the anger and the despair. I imagined my own children being ripped from me and not knowing where they were or how they were being treated. I felt the terror and the pain and the confusion of thousands of little faces as their identity, their souls and often their lives were stripped from them. I confronted some of the biases I have held and the impact of intergenerational trauma and how I can be an ally as I challenge and work towards breaking down barriers that continue to violate Indigenous communities.

With my image I wanted to show the juxtaposition of what was and how it should have been. I imagined all those children sitting at a desk far from comfort and everything they knew. I imagined the forests and the land mourning and weeping their loss as she too was their mother. I imagined her holding them in her embrace. I imagined the ripple effect and what was taken from them. I imagined their spirits coming home.





Stacy (fourth place)

Canada's Food Guide has been promoting healthy and balanced eating amongst Canadians since 1942. It is included in school curriculums, doctors have physical copies in their offices, and yet despite it's large popularity CFG's dark history is still widely unacknowledged. The dietary recommendations we have today evolved from non-consensual experiments conducted on starved Indigenous children in Canada's Residential Schools. Children were intentionally starved for up to 2 years prior to any testing to create a "baseline" for any studies. Extreme malnourishment was a widespread problem with children being fed less than half (to as low as a third) of their daily recommended calories. Oftentimes food was contaminated, smelling, and spoiled. The poor physical conditions and stunted growth of these Residential School children made them a perfect target for the Canadian Government's experiments. "It's really difficult to do those kinds of experiments because you need hungry people," said Mosby (A Historian speaking on the history of CFG)

The long-lasting effects of extreme malnourishment are still evident to this day amongst Canada's Indigenous communities. With all their generational and cultural skills like cooking stripped from them, Indigenous children often grew into adults who lacked the knowledge to feed themselves and their offspring properly. The physical side-effects of starvation, such as adulthood obesity and type 2 diabetes, are far greater for up to 3 generations following the Survivor.

Canada's Food Guide would not be what it is today if it weren't for the thousands of innocent Indigenous children who suffered at the expense of our Government. Nearly every Canadian citizen has learned about Canada's Food Guide, but how many know about the atrocities that formed it?

Not enough.




Stacy, we are gutted that you did not make Top Three, and wish you nothing but the best going forward in career and life. We look forward to seeing you around the Discord, and hope you will consider critiquing flip the script week when the Judges and Admin shoot Forever Young. We also hope you will consider submitting a portfolio for the Passion Portfolio - now that the pressure is off, perhaps inspiration will come.

Please give Stacy a follow here: Facebook | Instagram 1 | Instagram 2 | Website


Bonnie (submitted for feedback)

I experienced a lot of emotions while researching this Brief. From devastation because of the treatment of children in residential schools, to admiration of the persistence of the Indigenous People.

My quest started with the 94 Calls to Action, but I found myself drawn to the Indigenous, Metis, and Inuit art.

My grandparents worked amongst the Dene People of Great Bear Lake in the early 1970’s. While there they formed friendships with the local people. They were given beautiful beaded necklaces made for them by the Chief’s Daughter, which I have showcased in my photo, and art pieces made of wood, birch bark fur, and mosses, which I believe were made by the Chief himself.

When my grandparents were in Wabasca, my sister and I were given each a pair of Mukluks that were made by a local Cree woman. Going through all of the items my grandmother had handed down made me realize how appreciative she was of the Indigenous arts. Perhaps, this is why I too am drawn to this.

The photo I have created tells the story of how the Indigenous People used seeds, bones, wood, and clay for beads up until European Settlers introduced glass beads. With the introduction of residential Schools, Indigenous Children were forbidden to practice their own cultural arts and crafts. The children were taught embroidery on silk of which the intricate floral designs were popular.

**Floral designs originated with the Metis as they were taught this pattern by the Grey Nuns. Popularity was spread to other groups such as Cree or Ojibwe.



myEdmonton Aboriginal Beading https://youtu.be/y7wkUoXJGKE


Go find us on YouTube this Friday at 5pm MST to hear what the Judges had to say about the images, and Join us next week for Forever Young during which the Judges and Admin will shoot for the Challengers to Judge while they prepare their Passion Portfolio for Guest Judge Benjamin Von Wong.

February 24, 2022

Guest Judge Teri Hofford, comes to us from Winnipeg Manitoba. She is a body image educator, photographer, coach, and author of The Geode Theory. Teri promotes smashing open the dull grey exterior of your personal geode to let the sparkly bits show, but one of the central tenets of Teri's self-portrait philosophy is also to embrace the moment - your moods and feelings change from day to day (and sometimes from minute to minute) so even if the images aren't what we'd think of as "picture perfect" they are perfect anyway because there is value in being present with ourselves, in each and every moment of our lives.

The Match Brief for Week Seven might sound simple - take a selfie - but the Shooters were asked to embrace the art of self-portraiture. They also had to do so without the luxury of an Artists Statement - this week was expose not explain, testing the storytelling skills Challengers have been asked to develop since the first challenge. Also? No removing pores, reshaping bodies, or fixing "flaws" in post...

As per Teri's commitment to being in the moment, the Challengers' images ran the gamut of emotion, but Week Seven Winner Shauna's particularly vulnerable and honest self-portrait entitled "Dance Like the Dog is Watching" captured not only top spot, but everyone's hearts. Congratulations for not only a well-deserved first-place, Shauna, but making everyone cry during mentoring this week.

Find more of Shauna's work here: Facebook | Instagram

Prize Provider Shout Out!!!

Teri has been referred to as an emotional dominatrix and "Tough Love Teri" for her bold approach to personal responsibility and self love. Teri's main mission is to challenge and empower humans to shift their focus from constantly changing their bodies to changing their mindset, so they can start changing the world. Teri has graciously agreed to provide this week's winner an autographed copy of her best-selling book The Geode Theory.

Please visit Teri and add her her socials here Website | Instagram | YouTube and make sure you



Stacy, who is a boudoir photographer in the greater Niagara region, took second place exploring the topic of "always the photographer, never the photographed" in her image "A Hypocrite Boudoir Photographer No More (Can You See Me Now?)" As a person who encourages others to just buy the lingerie and love themselves, she had bought this lingerie set quite some time ago but had never worn it.

Martha learned about the anthropological term liminality this week. While the term is generally applied to the context of rites of passage, in pop culture the term has emerged as a way of defining neither here nor quite yet there. In her third place image, she chose to photograph herself in that delightfully ambiguous contemplative state where you're still in the sacred space of bed (or maybe your pyjamas) but not quite ready to start the day.

Nicky Lynn took 4th place with her image called "True Colours" in which she decided to show a literal interpretation of her "sparkly"parts by undertaking both the task of experimenting with an advanced in-camera technique while posing with her body uncovered, for a play on the expression "double exposure."

Unfortunately that means that in 5th (and last) place with Old and Grey and A-Okay is Johanna. TSR would like to publicly acknowledge the incredible commitment Johanna showed this week with producing an image despite dealing with extreme emotional and mental exhaustion, and contracting CoVID19. While we are very sad to see her go, this week was an important lesson in being honest and compassionate with others and oneself. Johanna's image portrays her contentment with each and every well-earned grey hair and wrinkle, and we can't help but think the Universe was somehow telling her she needed to spend some time focussing on her emotional, mental, and physical health. While we don't expect to see much from Johanna in the next couple of weeks while she recovers, we know she will be back on top of her game as soon as (in)humanly possible. Please give her a follow on her Socials here Facebook | Instagram 1 | Instagram 2 | Website and we are confident that once her well-deserved downtime has passed, you will be richly rewarded by her work.


TSR would also like to highlight the work of Challengers Bonnie, Kayla, and Virginia, who submitted image this week for feedback.

Bonnie explored the "fun" side people often overlook with her image My Alter Ego, Virginia experienced catharsis after she collaborated with a make-up artist to create an image called My Killer Clot: Scary, Messy, Beautiful portraying the pulmonary embolism she experienced in her 20s, and Kayla whose image I Am An Athlete celebrates the fact being a champion can't be erased, and doesn't have an expiration date.

Go find us on YouTube this Friday at 5pm MST to hear what the Judges had to say about the images, and Join us next week for The Ripple Effect with Guest Judge Jessica Vandenberghe.

February 17, 2022

Week Six Challengers were given an opportunity to try shooting a series of 3 images this week: a cover that would entice people to pick the magazine up off the rack, and 2 supporting images that would expand the story. In addition, they were asked to write a "press release" instead of an Artist's Statement to help them find their "headline" and identify what angle they wanted to shoot from. The goal was to create an image and headline that would entice shoppers to pick the magazine up and read the article with the supporting pictures.

Guest Judge Cathie Calarco, publisher of Cultivate Kingston's Behind the Mask book, was as impressed as the Panel Judges with the Challenger's gorgeous images for Sell Me a Story week, but this week's winner left everyone wanting more - more llamas, more farm, more spinning, and even more poop! Congratulations, Martha, on your wonderful pictures and press release about Sam, Grandma Llama, and the Renaissance of Fibre.

Prize Provider Shout Out!!!

YEG-based Mortgage and Finance guru Lisa McInnis is as passionate as TSR when it comes to supporting local, and has provided a $200 gift card to a local business or service of Brief Winner Martha's choosing. Thank you, Lisa!

Visit Lisa on Facebook| Instagram for all your mortgage needs, and be sure to check out all of our amazing Vendors and Prize Providers on the Support Local Page.


Below are Covers and Supporting Images from Challengers Nicky Lynn (Aurora), Stacy (Local Niagara Food), Shauna (Naturopathy), and Johanna (The Balm Dot Com) who were all marked Safe from elimination this week. We've also included Bonnie (Alzheimer's Valentine) and Jean François (Mémé Killer) who both submitted their images this week for feedback from the Judges.

Please visit the Challenger Profiles to read about their feature stories and/or find contact information for the people, products, and services featured this week.

The Judges loved Virginia's gorgeous and impeccably shot images this week, but felt they fell just short of both telling and selling the story of yin yoga.

Virginia has been an incredible member of the TSR family, as passionate about her photography as she was about supporting and uplifting her co-competitors, and we wish her the best of luck as she continues on her photography journey.

Please be sure to give Virginia a follow on Social Media Facebook | Instagram | Website and visit Karling Dallyn Yoga & Wellness to try out a FREE online yoga video and sign up for a private session or group class.

Go find us on YouTube this Friday at 5pm MST to hear what the Judges had to say about the images, and Join us next week for Sell Me a Story with Guest Judge Cathie Calarco

February 10, 2022

Black & White Brief Guest Judges Faith and ker of Nylut created their business to connect members of the Black, Indigenous, and Persons of Colour community with individuals experienced, qualified, and trained to an meet their unique wants and needs in areas such as skin and hair care, cosmetic and aesthetic services, tattoo and make-up artistry, and (of course) photography. However, Week Four, Guest Judge Maya Ramsahoye explained that many aesthetics schools do not include training to accommodate the Black, Indigenous, and Persons of Colour demographic. Despite obtaining certification, graduates are inexperienced and unqualified to provide services to this demographic even if they wanted to. No access to services and no access to training. On the surface this may appear to be a very black and white issue - it's just a "niche" market, isn't it? - but given the fact that nearly 25% of Canada's population identifies as a visible minority, and even more are of mixed ethnicity, this "oversight" is simply evidence of how systemic racism persists in Canada today.

For Black & White week, challengers were asked to work in partners and create a pair of complementary images that, like the problem with access to services v. access to training, showed two sides of the same coin. Teams were assigned using a random generator, and each Challenger's image had to tell the same story presented in their joint Artists' Statement without the help of their partner's image; bringing the images together would illustrate both sides of the coin.

Congratulations to Stacy and Martha for winning this week's incredibly difficult Challenge. Each of them will receive their choice of swag courtesy of Bryan Caporicci and Sprout Studio, who have been incredible supporters of The Shooting Range: A Photography Challenge for all of Season Two. And an extra special shout out to admins Emily and Jules over at Sprout for being made of extra awesome!


We ask people visiting this website to be aware that the images from Black & White Week may be triggering to some. Themes depicted in these images include governance/hunting and school shootings, religion/consumerism, socioeconomic disparity/slave and child labour, reproductive rights and body autonomy, and politics and body autonomy. If you feel that any or all of these topics may cause you emotional and mental distress, we recommend not advancing the slides. For those of you who choose to view these images, please ensure that you prioritize your personal well-being and ask for the time and support you need to practice self-care when and if required.


Women's Reproductive Health in Canada

Many Canadians assume a woman can easily exercise her right to body autonomy regarding reproductive health, however, there are many barriers when it comes to accessing legal, safe abortions in this country. Canada’s anti-abortion law was deemed unconstitutional in 1988, and Section 7 of The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms should provide women across the country full and equal access to these services. However, there are jurisdictions that are anti-abortion/pro-life and are able to limit accessibility through lack of willing governing legislation.

Denying abortion or putting up barriers to the service perpetuates stigma, continuing prejudice and stereotyping experienced by women in relation to reproductive health. Disproportionately, younger women, BIPOC women, disabled women, single mothers, the LGBTQ community, and victims of domestic partner violence are disadvantaged by lack of access to safe termination and may have to resort to unsafe procedures endangering their life and safety.


While partners quickly found their topics and everyone nailed the technical of shooting in B&W this week, some teams struggled more than others with identifying or illustrating two sides of the core issue, opting to depict opposites or extremes, which left the Judges struggling to see the connection, even with the joint artist statement providing context. Sadly, this left us saying goodbye to both Jean François and Kayla this week. Unfortunately, while it was obvious their images touched on the topic of vaccine mandates, their images told two very different stories, and didn't quite illustrate what their Joint Statement was indicating as effectively as it needed to.

Jean François and Kayla, it has been an honour and a privilege having you with us, and we sincerely hope you will continue on with some or all of the upcoming Matches. Keep pushing, keep shooting, and keep being made of awesome.

If you haven't already, please go check out their work and give them a follow on social.

Jean François Facebook | Instagram | Website

Kayla Facebook | Instagram | Website


Because TSR's focus is on mentoring and growth, Challengers who are knocked out of the running for the Grand Prize are, of course, always welcome to submit an image to receive feedback from our amazing Panel and Guest Judges. Participation in this process is voluntary on the parts of the both Shooters and Judges.

This week, Bonnie and Matt decided to partner up and tackle the topic of consumerism and religion at Christmastime. The Judges appreciated their tongue-in-cheek representations of the ongoing friction between those who celebrate holy days and those who like statutory holidays, despite the fact both sides are equally guilty of participation in commodification and consumerism.


Go find us on YouTube this Friday at 5pm MST to hear what the Judges had to say about the images, and Join us next week for Sell Me a Story with Guest Judge Cathie Calarco

February 3, 2022

This week marked a shift from Match Briefs with a technical focus to ones that are more cerebral. The Brief for Scratching the Surface required the Shooters make connections with their models to discover what stereotypes or judgments they faced, and using that as inspiration for their concept. They were also limited to a budget of $0.

Congratulations to Nicky Lynn for taking top spot this week with her image entitled "The Pressure of Perfection" For Scratching the Surface Week with Guest Judge Maya Ramsahoye. One of Edmonton's premiere photographers and educators, Amanda Diaz, has generously supplied her posing course (valued at $97) for this week's winner. Please give Amanda a follow on social and check out her expansive library of classes!!!

Stereotypes exist on the surface, but are deeply rooted in unconscious biases that shape the way we view and experience the world. Within nanoseconds, our brains are able to stitch together millions of pieces of information that lead to narratives, assumptions, and feelings even when we know little or nothing about someone or something.

In preparation for this week, Challengers and Judges were asked to participate in an exercise used in Equity, Diversity, and Inclusivity awareness education. A list of people is given, and participants are instructed to become aware of whatever thoughts pop into their heads. Influencer. Nurse. Gym Rat. Elementary School Teacher. Pilot. Waitress. Foreign Driver. CEO. While reading this list, your brain was busy filling in blanks with gender, age, education, and social status as well as character traits like, Are they shallow? Entitled? Generous? Self-absorbed? Lazy? Kind? And so forth.

The purpose of the exercise isn’t to stir feelings of guilt or shame. It is simply to bring awareness to the fact that we ALL make snap judgments. The first thing that comes to mind about Plastic Surgeons is usually boobs, butts, and blowfish lips, but in reality plastic surgeons also reconstruct tissue and de-scar burn victims’ bodies, repair birth defects like cleft palates, and research how to restore sensation, function, and mobility after nerve damage or spinal cord injuries.

When people start unpacking unconscious bias, they are often surprised at what comes up. The bad news is, humans will never stop making snap judgments. The good news is, it gets easier - research shows that confronting bias when it becomes conscious actually reprograms the neural networks in our brains, resulting in an ability to be more open, curious, and accepting of ourselves and others.

This process made the creation of these images a cerebral process not just for the Shooters, but their models, and across the board you can see the amount of thought, emotion, and creativity that went into these images.

Go find us on YouTube this Friday at 5pm MST to hear what the Judges had to say about the images below!

Sadly, each week there is one Challenger who's image doesn't quite hit the mark. Given the level of skill and creativity appearing week after week, the competitors up their game a little each week, making it harder for the Judges to put one image above another. Primed for this challenge with three weeks of technical Match Briefs, the Shooters who brought the highest level of clarity and creativity overtook the pack, which sadly led to Matt being the Shooter sent home this week. Despite his image being technically strong - it was well-composed, beautifully lit, and in tack-sharp focus - the Judges felt that the story Matt wanted to tell couldn't be read without the aid of his title and artist statement.

Matt, it has been an absolute pleasure having you on the journey for the last four weeks. Your co-competitors hold you in the highest esteem, and TSR joins them in wishing you continued success with your Kelowna-based photography company. We hope you feel that you have found value in this experience, and will continue shooting the upcoming challenges.

If you haven't already, please go check out Matt's work, and the next time you're in Kelowna and need some photos, hire him. That's an order, not a request. Twitter | Instagram | Website

Join us next week for TSR's first ever double elimination as 4 teams of two tackle the Black & White Brief with Guest Judges Faith and ker of Nylut.

January 27, 2022

Congratulations to Virginia for taking the lead again for KISS week (Keep it Simple, Shooters) with Guest Judge Curtis Jones. "I was legit surprised," Virginia said. "I thought Matt had it in the bag!" With no exceptions, Shooters this week underestimated how complicated the minimalist approach was!

Curtis has some incredible workshops and conferences you can check out, including a talk in Ontario May 5, 2022, an appearance at Lightchasers in Grande Cache near Waterton National Park in Alberta May 27-29, 2022, and of course Newfound Shores on the Viking Coast with Renee Robyn in August 1-7 2022. Find out more information by visiting Curtis's website.

(And since Renee Robyn came up, we're still trying to get her petition over 2500 signatures, so, help us out, would you? Sign the petition now!)

Virginia will receive a 24" x 36" print of her image courtesy of YEG's own Strictly Photonic, Edmonton's friendliest local professional printer. Owner Mike is in the process of rebranding, but you can still contact him by reaching out to him for all your printing needs on Facebook. Find out more about all of TSR's incredible vendors and amazing supporters by visiting the Support Canadian page!

Go find us on YouTube this Friday at 5pm MST to hear what the Judges had to say about the images below!

While every Challenge is a technical challenge, this week marks the last week where technical skills will be the primary focus of the Match Briefs. Join us next week as the Shooters tackle stereotypes as they delve into "Scratching the Surface" with Guest Judge Maya Ramsahoye.

The competition was stiff for Recreate a Renee Robyn, with just 3 points putting Virginia in the lead. Unfortunately, this week, it went the other way, with a 3-point spread sending Bonnie home.

This is not a reflection of Bonnie's skill or talent - the Judges loved the amount of detail in the negative space and the simplicity of this image - and this was indicated by the narrow spread between 9th and 10th place. It was merely the luck of the draw that Bonnie was pitted against some heavy hitters this week.

As the competition proceeds, it gets harder and harder to say goodbye. Suffice it to say, everyone was gutted - tears were shed, virtual hugs were passed along, and puppy pictures were shared.

Admin looks forward to dragging Bonnie through the mire of the next several weeks while supporting her on her journey to start selling fine art prints. Please give her a follow and let her know which images you'd love to see for sale to hang on your wall by giving her images some love. View Bug

January 20, 2022

Congratulations to Virginia for squeaking past the other individuals in the top three to the win again for Week Two - Recreate a Renee Robyn! Renee generously provided a 3-pack of her stock images to this week's winner - thank you, Renee!!!

Renee Robyn is in the process of creating an art book. Her publisher told her to "find someone famous" to write the foreword, so those of us on Team Ryan Reynolds have started a petition to Make Things Happen. Please take a minute to sign the petition now!

The competition was STIFF this week, with some incredible offerings from all of our Challengers. The Judges were again impressed by Season Two's Shooters, several of whom (despite being told this was NOT a compositing challenge) went all in and took HUGE risks putting their Photoshoppery on the display for scrutiny. The major takeaways? Post-processing at this level takes a loooooong time.

Go find us on YouTube this Friday at 5pm MST to hear what the Judges had to say!

Sadly, someone has to leave each week. The judges thought that Skye's image was really well done. It was described as having a painterly quality that, had it not been Rip Off a Renee Robyn Week would have gotten high scores as a standalone image. The Judges advised Skye to spend a bit more time learning how to understand light so there's not so much time needed trying to correct it in post. We look forward to seeing Skye around the Range, and wish her all the best as she continues with her schooling and photography.

Two Mann U's gift of Tuition Brings Value of Prize Pot to over $7000

January 16, 2022

The Shooting Range: A Photography Challenge would not exist without the support of amazing individuals, businesses, and organisations in the Canadian creative and business community who genuinely believe in what the competition stands for. After participating in Week One, TSR gained new fans in Guest Judges Erika and Lanny Mann of Two Mann Studios, who have very generously gifted tuition to their wait-listed Two Mann U (valued at over $4000CAD) making the value of the Season Two Range Master’s winnings in excess of $6300CAD in cash, swag, and prizes. Combined with additional swag, discounts, and prizes furnished by our amazing vendors and supporters, this brings the total value of prizes to be awarded over the season to almost $7500. The creators of TSR are truly humbled by the love we’ve been shown, and would greatly appreciate it if everyone would please take a few minutes to share the love with Erika and Lanny - give them a like and share on Instagram, advise your photographer friends to sign up for their newsletter, and (of course) hiring them for your wedding! For more details on our incredible vendors, please visit the Support Canadian page.

January 13, 2022

Congratulations to Virginia for being named the Winner of Week One - Spectrum with Guest Judge TwoMann Studios!!! Her image entitled "The Dancing Ladle" represented the colour "orange" as her team created a literal spectrum to express mood using only items found in each photographer's home. Along with snagging the first win of the year, Virginia will receive a $25 gift card for COFFEE provided by Season One Runner-Up and TSR Admin Rayne, who knows firsthand what it's like to survive a week out on The Shooting Range. Go find us on YouTube to hear what the Judges had to say!

This week we say a sad farewell to Dennis, whose image of a frosty window for his team's concept using gradients of the colour blue with pops of orange to explore and express a spectrum of emotion didn't quite make the cut. Thank you for joining us, Dennis. We are disappointed your time on The Shooting Range was so short and hope you will continue participating in upcoming Matches as much as you are able. Please give Dennis a follow on Instagram.

December 30, 2021

After a short break over the holidays, TSR Admin are back in action, prepping Judges, Challengers, and themselves for the upcoming Season.

Official Season Two Qualifying Challengers were announced on December 23, 2021. Please show them some love and support by following them on their social media platforms and joining in the weekly fun in our Facebook Group!

Season Two Challengers

The Prize Pot currently contains $1500 in cash, a fine art album valued at $400 from Dekora, and a $250 donation to the Charity of the Season Two winner's choice, putting the current Grand Prize value at $1150 and growing. Additional prizes include gift cards, discount codes, personal services, and more, all provided by Select Canadian Vendors.

Family, friends, and fans alike are welcome to tune in to the Season Opener on YouTube on January 6th, 2022 to meet the Talent and find out what the first Match Brief entails! You can find also stay up to date by finding The Shooting Range on your preferred Social Media channels.

Have you seen the complete line-up of Panel and Guest Judges for Season Two? We invite you to go find out who they are (~hint: Match Briefs are built around the Masters' areas of expertise...) and give them a follow on Social Media, too - their links are in their bios!

Season Two Panel Judges

Season Two Guest Judges

Older Posts

December 21, 2021

The official Season Two Qualifying Challengers will be announced on Thursday December 23, 2021, and the Season Opener will be recorded on Zoom January 5th, 2022. Follow us on Social and Remember to tune in to YouTube on January 6th, 2022 to meet his year's Talent!

December 14, 2021

On December 15, at 8am MST, Qualifying Challengers will receive their Official Invitation to participate in Season Two of The Shooting Range: A Photography Challenge. The Selection Committee was blown away by this year's portfolios and looks forward to announcing each and every one of them next week, but until then please help us welcome Guest Judge Maya Ramsahoye.

Maya is the first to admit she loves walking the runway and wearing a crown, but don't for a second underestimate the passion and vision behind this title-holder's desire to use make-up artistry and modelling as an avenue for exposing many things that shouldn't be taken at face value. You can check out her bio here, but consider yourself warned: TSR is sending out a loud warning shot to be prepared to have any assumptions you may be making challenged.

December 09, 2021

Just THREE days left to get your portfolio in and join us for Season Two of The Shooting Range: A Photography Challenge. Not sure yet? Watch our Ask Us Anything recorded December 8th, 2021 for more details.

This year's Qualifiers will be notified by December 15, 2021. Why shouldn't it be you?

November 29, 2021

What did last year's Challengers get from being part of The Shooting Range: A Photography Challenge?

Season One Runner Up Rayne talks about what she gained from her experience and explains why YOU should sign up, too!

Click here to register now.

November 18, 2021

All you need to enter is FIVE photos and $25.

What's up for grabs in cash and prizes, you say?

The cash pot currently sits at a GUARANTEED MINIMUM of $500.

We have gathered over $500 in swag and other goodies.

And we are still working on it...

What are you waiting for?!?! Click on the buttons below to find out more then hurry up and get your entries in!!!

November 1, 2021


Also, you should go meet our first two Judges... watch next week for more!!!

October 15, 2021

Judges in the House!!!

TSR is in the final throes of assembling its amazing Panel and Guest Judges for Season Two, and we cannot wait to start introducing them when the Call for Entries opens on November 1st, 2021!!!

We still have a handful of openings for Volunteers

If you aren't sure you're ready to compete instead of join as Volunteer? Entries open November 1st - you can find complete details over on the Match Page.

October 1, 2021

That's right, folks! Season Two has been (unofficially) in the works since the end of Season One, and TSR Admin has decided Season Two should definitely happen so WE ARE RECRUITING!!!

We are looking for a dynamic group of people to help us make Season Two even BIGGER & BETTER!!!

Not sure how you'd like to get involved? Please visit the Rangers Page for complete details on the Judge and Ranger positions available, including responsibilities and estimated commitments, and apply for any role you think you'd like to take on!

You want to compete instead of join as Volunteer? Entries open November 1st - you can find complete details over on the Match Page.

Here are some quick answers to FAQs you might have about applying as a Judge or Resident Ranger for Season Two:

Q: Can I apply for multiple positions if I am not sure where I think I would fit in best?

A: Absolutely! TSR hopes to match folks with a role on the team that the individual will not only excel at, but genuinely enjoy! Maybe you lack the expertise or experience we are looking for in a Judge, but have exactly the qualifications and skills perfect for another area, and vice versa. Let us work with you to find a perfect fit!


Q: Can I enter as a Challenger if I've already applied to be a Judge or Resident Ranger?

A: Yes! We are hoping for some high-calibre shoot-outs this season so if you think you'd rather try to beat the other Challengers instead of cheer ringside, bring it on! Note, however... you cannot do both - if your portfolio qualifies you as a Challenger for Season Two, you will be required to resign from your volunteer position.


Q: I was a Judge, Challenger, or Partner of The Shooting Range in Season One - can I apply for Season Two?

A: We would LOVE to have some of last year's TSR crew join us for Season Two! Heck, you can even mix it up! You were a Challenger on Season One? Let's see if you've got what it takes to sit on the Admin team this year! You supplied a prize last year? Why not apply to be one of our Guest Judges? You've already been a Judge? We dare you to submit a portfolio when applications for Challengers open up and see if you'd make the cut! The possibilities are endless, really!